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Fall Fashion: Styling Pieces

The best time of the year is finally here! Fall is by far my favorite season. Usually the weather doesn’t get this cold until around November, so when I looked in my closet and realized I didn’t really own any long sleeves or sweatshirts, I realized I needed to go shopping. I decided to focus more on streetwear trends since, with everything going on, we’re not going to as many fancy dinners or events anymore.


I feel like ever since we were little kids our parents would make us layer multiple jackets so we wouldn’t freeze to death in the winter. Layering is always something we did to keep warm but not so much to elevate an outfit. I’ve seen so many girls recently rocking turtlenecks under t-shirts and crewnecks. I also have been seeing collared shirts under crewnecks and sweater vests. This is probably one of the cheapest fall trends. Last year I bought a thin, black turtleneck from H&M for seven dollars and it’s still holding up really well. Even if you don’t want to buy from fast fashion brands, collared shirts, crewnecks, and sweater vests are some of the easiest things to find at Goodwill and other thrift stores.


I never realized how much of an essential black, flat boots were until I bought my first pair of Doc Marten Jadons last week. These shoes go with almost every outfit. I love them because they are they make me look at least two inches taller than what I actually am (I’m only 5’3) and they also give me a lot more variety than just wearing sneakers with every outfit. My favorite way to style them is with an oversized t-shirt and mom or boyfriend jeans. I also love wearing them with dresses and skirts so the outfit is a mix of girly and edgy. I know Doc Martens are pretty expensive but since they're real leather, they’ll last a lifetime. However if you don’t want to pay the price, Nasty Gal and ASOS have so many cute options.


With Y2K fashion making a comeback, there’s no surprise shoulder bags are on this list. I swear they are the perfect bags to carry your essentials. Everyone has been obsessing over the Prada Re-edition 2005 Nylon Shoulder Bag and I found the perfect dupe from Princess Polly. It is by the brand Peta + Jain and it only costs around fifty dollars. I got it in the baby blue color because I tend to stick to more neutral colored clothes so I thought this would be a fun pop of color. If you’re more into neutral bags, there is a black croc one on Amazon that’s only fifteen dollars and it is such good quality. I love wearing these bags with oversized crewnecks and also little crop tops.


If you have not hopped on the baggy jeans train, what are you doing? Baggy jeans are my favorite bottoms to wear. They give outfits a more streetwear look and not to mention they’re so comfortable and you don’t have to unbutton your pants after you eat a large meal. I bought my first pair of plain light wash jeans from Zara in February and I love wearing them with oversized t-shirts and hoodies. I recently bought another distressed pair from Urban Outfitters and sized up two sizes so they’re extra loose. I love wearing these jeans with little cropped t-shirts and tank tops and now with a leather jacket. Boyfriend jeans look so good with sneakers too. My go-to outfit these days is either jeans, a cropped tank top, zip up hoodie or leather jacket, with air force ones or jordans. This is another great item that is easy to thrift and customize to make your own. There are so many tutorials on TikTok on how to bleach and paint them.


Monochromatic outfits are probably my favorite trend ever. Mixing patterns and colors is always fun, but wearing the same color makes picking out an outfit so much easier. I create these kinds of outfits by picking a random color and then finding items in different shades, textures, and even patterns of that same color. I haven’t ventured outside of black, grey, white, and tan yet, because I have an addiction to only buying clothes in those colors. On Pinterest, I’ve seen so many pistachio green, chartreuse, and baby pink outfits that I might have to consider purchasing colored clothes. Even if you don’t want to have your entire outfit one color, just matching your top and jacket or top and accessories just makes your outfit look so much more interesting.

Written by Madison Byrd

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