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Horse girl or Fashionista


Look at the little pig-tailed blonde in the picture to the right. That’s me rocking my infamous pink, sparkly, and quite frankly, very iconic cowgirl boots. Every morning when I woke up, I would slip my little feet into the shoes. I refused to wear anything else. I wore them until the soles crumbled and I balled when my mom threw them away. 14 years later, and I am still rocking a pair of cowgirl boots. The original purpose of the cowgirl boot was to enable a person to ride on a saddle for a long period of time without slipping. Now, the cowgirl boot is the next essential in your closet this fall. We have seen cowgirl boots come in and out of the fashion cycle a plentiful number of times, but it is making a bold appearance this Fall. Five-year-old Paige is all for it!

A typical fall morning you may wake up, put on a pair of jeans, booties, and a sweatshirt. This fall is anything but typical. Things are already looking different, but what is the reasoning for the change of aesthetic. This exploratory nature can be linked to the ending of covid. As we move past covid, we are also moving past the fashion that came with it. This includes the lounge, plain colors, and comfort-minded clothing. We are now moving into unmatchable pairs, sequins, bold colors, and prints never imaginable. This western inspired fashion is just one example of this change. Another spark of this change can be due to the influence of many celebrities and social media influencers. Specifically, Emily Ratajowski (as shown in the picture) uses the combination of pairing the cowgirl boots with a dainty dress. This started a trend and was quite revolutionary. As to see such a masculine shoe being paired with such a feminine dress.

Now, what does this western and cowboy inspired fashion include? It includes cowgirl boots, fringe jackets, low-waisted jeans, denim midi skirts, and prairie dresses. The variations and ways you can style all these pieces are endless. The cowgirl boot can be dressed up or down, worn to a football game or concert, worn out, or to church. I included a chic outfit, casual outfit, and gameday outfit incorporating the cowgirl boot. So grab a pair of cowgirl boots, throw on a dress, and strut… you’re a fashionista, not a horse girl.

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