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How to ~Not~ Fall Behind With Online Classes

Updated: Sep 20, 2020

I know school right now has been hectic for all of us with zoom classes taking over our lives and it can be hard to stay on top of things with so much on our plate. Time management is on a whole new level and assignments just keep on flooding in. So wit that, here is a helpful guide to guide you into hopefully a better routine or at least a better mental state during these abnormal times!

Here is 4 steps that have helped me get through the day:

Step 1: One thing that always helps get me out of bed to start my day is the thought of caffeine. I don’t know if you guys are an addict, but if not, think of something that gets you excited to get out of bed. It could be the thought of filling your empty stomach in the morning or watching your favorite show later that night if you complete your work for the day. As soon as you get out of bed, go straight into your morning routine, whether that just be splashing water on your face or a 10-minute routine, anything that will help you feel refreshed and ready to start your day!

Step 2: What helps me get motivated for the day is to pick out an outfit that I feel best in. Whether that be matching sweats or full glam, if that is what makes you feel at your best then do it. Add some accessories, whether that be a gold chain around your neck or some colorful earrings, to the look to be the boss woman you are to get through the day!

Step 3: Next, get yourself a planner, whether that be physical or your phone/laptop/iPad etc. If you are more of a physical type planner person, then maybe assign certain colors to certain assignments to let the most important dates be spotted easier. As well, you can write down your class schedule in an aesthetic that you like and hang it up on your wall so that you always know what time your classes are right at your desk. If technology is better for you with your busy schedule, set reminders for dates coming up so it’ll pop up on your screen rather than you having to go look to see what is due!

Step 4: Last, during the day, find ways to focus on yourself. Go on a walk/run to help clear your mind or going to get your favorite drink at your favorite coffee shop. We all are adjusting to this new “normal” and we can’t forget that our mental health is just as important!

Now with these steps in mind, go forth and conquer the day with

A How To Guide for school

Written by Sara Harden


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