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Korean Fashion Taking Over

You may be familiar with TV shows and movie titles such as Parasite and Squid Game, and music groups Black Pink and BTS. As Korean music, entertainment, and beauty products begin to be on the rise in America, people are becoming more interested in other aspects of their culture. One of the areas that people have become fixated on is their fashion. People watch these Kpop Idols, what these Korean pop musicians are called by the public, and see what they wear not only in their shows but also in their everyday life, often developing a certain desire to have access to those same clothes. Obviously, Korea is 6,690 miles away and there is often not much availability for mainstream Korean clothing brands in the States. Many have taken inspiration from Korean pop culture and have worked around not having access to specific brands, but there are still many that want to have authentic Korean clothing styles and brands. South Korea was able to use this interest and want to promote their influence in the West, including both their clothing and their entertainment industries. Several affordable K-fashion companies were able to grow their audience in a short amount of time due to the increased interest in the West and many other countries across the globe. One of these companies is YesStyle which sells countless Korean clothing pieces gathered from various authentic Korean clothing brands, which greatly increased availability in the States. Shein is another very popular and well known clothing brand that originated in China. Asia in general is beginning to influence Western trends and the American economy, with Korea leading the way.

So what is Korean fashion? What are its main characteristics? It tends to shy away from the flashier and tighter-fitting clothes marked in Western styles. Korean fashion is seen as more conservative and cute, focusing on a more elegant but comfortable style of clothing. Usually, you will see more oversized pieces combined with more form-fitted or cropped tops for women. They have mastered the art of layering in terms of both men’s and women's clothing. You could see pants under dresses, shirts inside dresses, and long cardigans paired with a skirt or shorts. Their color palette is accompanied by a lot of pastels, neutrals, and creams or whites. The opposite side of the spectrum has been seen more of late as more pop styles have appeared. This might include a beanie, oversized or longer t-shirt, distressed or more baggy pants, and puff jackets. However, Koreans are also very good at finding a balance between these two sides of the spectrum, mixing the two into a kind of business casual. This style involves suit jackets, a plain or simple graphic t, and trousers, giving them a very put-together but comfortable look. Koreans are experts at dressing for comfort while showing off their own personal style.

Overall, looking at big events in Korea such as their fashion week or even just taking a look at their street style has made me and many others fall in love with their sense of fashion. They know how to perfectly combine comfort, affordability, and fashion. Would you try any of these looks or Korean fashion trends?

Written By: Charlotte Ann Walters

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