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With online classes in full swing, the time is now to go on that trip that you and your best

girlfriends have always been wanting to take. Traveling can be hard with where to go and what

supplies you might need during the trip, so grab your best friends and listen up because here are

some helpful tips to make sure your road trip is full of lasting memories.

One essential in a road trip are snacks. It is not a want but a need. Stopping at your local grocery

store , whether that be a Trader Joe’s or Kroger, to get your favorite snacks to help supply you

with the fuel you will need to get through this exciting but hectic trip!

Location : Los Compadres grocery


One item we tend to procrastinate to get as long as we can is gas. Although we love the idea of a

full tank, we tend to dread the process. So how can we change that? Easy. Your friends and a

whole look that’s comfortable but not boring to spice up the trip. Grab your favorite flannel from

your dad’s closet, pair of jeans you adore, and comfortable yet fashionable sneakers to create a

bomb fit!

Location: Automatic Pizza


Last, your last spot is where you park your car, but that’s not the end of your road trip. Look

around and play some music or watch the sunset on the rooftop of the garage. These are the

moments in life you are going to remember forever and cherish even when you grow old. So

forget your worries and your troubles for just this time and focus on the happiness that your best

friends are surrounding you with and go live your life!

Location: North Campus parking deck

Written by Sarah Harden


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