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Spring / Summer Fashion Trends 2021

As we move towards the warmer months we are moving towards shorter hemlines,

brighter and lighter colors, and new silhouettes. We all know that a lot of our trends come from

the runway, and then are altered for consumers to wear them in a more casual way in their day

to day life. We are hopefully moving into a time where we will be able to style and wear these

trends into the warmer months. The trends that are on the rise for spring/summer 2021 are crop

tops, cut outs, sheer, wrap around straps, wide trousers. These are only a few of the trends that

are going to be popular for this next upcoming season.

The first trend that I mentioned being crop tops which is not a new concept but the

designers on the runway really set the tone for how they can be styled. For example in one of

the images below Hermes styled a bandeau top under a blazer, which is a warm weather take

on how this style can be transitioned into spring/summer.

Another up and coming trend for spring/summer is cut outs, whether it be in a dress or in

a shirt it might give you an interesting tan line but its a fun way to spice up a simple dress or top.

Designers such as Fendi, Acne, and Isabel Marat are using cut outs to add some edge with the

cutouts in the hips or the thighs.

The next trend that is possibly not for everyone is sheer tops and dresses. With this

trend there are a variety of ways to interpret it. My favorite way would be to wear a sheer top

with a bralette underneath it. On the runway we see designers styling it with a shorter dress

underneath, a sheer skirt with an opaque top, and the most obvious would be wearing a sheer

layer over a bathing suit for those hot summer days. This trend is very versatile in the ways you

can style it and make it your own.

A fun spring/ summer trend that I think adds a lot to a simple outfit are the wrap around

straps on a skirt, pants, or top. It plays with the negative space in between the top you're

wearing and your bottom. This trend is one of the more wearable ones and can be interpreted in

many ways to fit your style and aesthetic. It is the perfect added detail to any outfit for the

spring/summer time.

One last trend to keep on your radar for this upcoming season is wide leg trousers. Not

to say that jeans are out for the spring and summer but for a lighter and fun option trousers are

going to be big. This trend is versatile in the sense where you can look very professional with a

sleek matching blazer and pant outfit or tuck in a graphic tee or wear a crop top for a more

casual laid back look.

As we move into the warmer months think about how you can incorporate these exciting

new trends to your own personal style!

Written by Becky Sunkin

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