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The Switch From Downtown to Desk Job

A Guide for College Kids

Going from college to your new job can be a challenge when it comes to filling your closet with office-appropriate pieces. Most students have a closet filled with cute crop tops, patterned skirts, jeans and sneakers, but that style will not cut it in a professional office setting. Every college closet should include at least one outfit that is interview worthy and an arsenal of office ensembles. Most importantly, you should feel comfortable and be yourself with every outfit, no matter the setting. While office style is pretty structured, there are a lot of options out there to make it your own.

Picking a Power Suit: Fashion Edition

Zara Tuxedo Jacket:

A power suit is what is normally worn in an interview setting. This shows a high amount of professionalism and is a look that is easy to put together. There are a variety of suit jackets to pick from, so you can bring out your personal style in the one that you choose. This can be paired with a plain blouse top and matching trousers. You can also bring out your personal style in this look with your shoe choice. There are endless options of business professional heels and flats to choose from. It is important to feel your best and embody your own style with your power suit, but it also should be worn in an interview to put your best foot forward.

Transition Pieces: Fashion Edition

Alice Olivia Sheila Floral Henley Top:

Minette Boutique Leopard Dress:

Transitioning your look from college chic to office professional is much easier than buying a whole new wardrobe a week before your new job begins. Blouse tops and cute dresses fit the bill for an office wardrobe, but they can also be worn casually to lunch with friends or to a family outing. Buying tops that can be worn with jeans or slacks and pants that are comfortable in multiple settings is the best way to get used to office style. Picking out clothes you’d wear outside of the office will make you more comfortable in the office.


Your Personal Office Style

Moving away from your college style can be scary, especially when you have never worn professional clothing before. Embodying your own personal style is important in this transition, as this will make you more comfortable and more confident. Liking your outfit can make or break your performance in an interview or in the office. If you are not comfortable in what you are wearing, how can you be comfortable overall? Take your time to pick the pieces that work best for you, and do not wait until the last minute to transition your style.

Written by Hannah Arnold

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