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Trends That Are Going Out Of Style For Spring 2021

Springtime is coming into swing which means that your annual spring cleaning is right around the corner! In addition to cleaning the house, it may be time to clear out some old styles in your closet to bring in some new styles. Here are four trends that are going out of style this upcoming spring!

1) Ripped Jeans

Coming in at number 1 are ripped jeans. Throwing a pair of distressed jeans with a cute graphic tee has been a very popular fashion choice for years, however the trend is starting to lose its appeal. Some brands have overly distressed their jeans to the point that they look worn out. Plus it’s always been a pain when you accidentally cause the rip to be bigger than before when moving around.

2) Biker Shorts

Coming in at number 2 are biker shorts. People aren’t really wearing biker shorts like they used to. This trend has slowly began to fade away as people returned to wearing track shorts and leggings for athleisure wear. Biker shorts are definitely still appropriate for working out at the gym but they should remain as gym attire rather than everyday clothing.

3) Windbreakers

Coming in at number 3 are windbreakers. The retro 90s look of these jackets used to be what everyone loved to go for. However, the jackets have seemed to lose their adoration as people have moved on to wearing other styles of jackets. Some companies have now created windbreakers to look more modern rather then the vintage look it originally was so that may be the reason we don’t see a hype in the clothing anymore.

4) Neon clothes

Last but not least we have neon clothing. This style always makes a debut at popular music festivals like Coachella, however the bright colors are beginning to be tiring for the eyes. These clothes aren’t really worn as a day to day either so it may be time to just retire the clothes completely. Plus with music festivals being put on hold due to covid, there’s no use having this ready to go in your closet.

Now just because these styles are growing to be old doesn’t necessarily mean that you absolutely have to throw them out. If you still want to rock these styles then do it! Everyone should wear what they want! If you do decide that you want to throw these styles out of your closet then make sure to donate them to your local thrift shop or consignment store! This can allow others to enjoy those styles and be friendly to the environment by not adding to landfill! To find ways to switch up your closet for Spring 2021 check out SMA’s previous blog post Spring / Summer Fashion Trends 2021 to see what styles are on the rise.

Written by Camille Isom

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