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Bulldawgs Against Hunger

With the rise of COVID-19 cancelling Spring 2020 activities, we partnered with Shopping With A Bulldawg (aka SWAB) to raise more money for the Northeast Georgia Food Bank while also maintaining social distancing! We raised money through our social media accounts through Venmo, taking donations and also selling fashion goods and service to benefit the cause. 

Project Name

This past year, SMA has partnered with Project Safe, a local non-profit thrift store dedicated to helping end domestic violence in the community. Members of SMA regularly volunteer at the thrift store to improve the layout and functionality of the store through using merchandising techniques taught in classes at UGA. 

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Our philanthropic organization for the past academic year was Food2Kids, a non-profit that raises awareness and funds to benefit the Northeast Georgia Food Bank. This year, we partnered with them and planned on having proceeds from our annual fashion show benefit the cause. Sadly, we were unable to host our fashion show due to COVID-19 restricitons; however we have been supporting the cause through volunteering time and services at the Northeast Georgia Food Bank. 

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